CANCITY will be a 6-hour sampling event in the heart of Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza. Guests will enjoy interactive fun and games, beer can art installations, local musicians, and food trucks, while they sip on BC's best craft beer and cider in 4 ounce sample cups.

We will be pouring Broken Ladder Apples & Hops at the event! This all craft, all canned event is going to be an absolute hoot and we look forward to shedding a little light on the updated practices of canning beer and cider products.

Our friend Matt Leslie, co-founder of West Coast Canning had a great way of putting it:

“There has long been a stigma associated with cans as we immediately equate them to the mass produced brews we were stealing out of the family fridge as teenagers, but they are quickly becoming the preferred package to get these amazing craft beers and ciders to market.”

When we first started making cider, we had to broach the question: cans or bottles? After careful consideration of the pros and cons of our options, we came to the conclusion that cans were best for us. Here’s why!

The Environment!

“Metal packaging is 100% and infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be recycled again and again without loss of performance or integrity. In fact, the can that is recycled today can be back on shelves in as little as 60 days.”
-Crown Packaging

Unlike glass, metal packaging is very easy to melt down and reuse. This means less waste. Cans also weigh significantly less than bottles, so shipping cider throughout B.C. and Alberta is not only less expensive, so you get a premium product for a great price, but our carbon footprint is greatly reduced.


“Cans go where no bottle belongs: camping, parks, sports fields, the beach, the pool. From backpacking adventures to parties, craft beer drinkers want their beer [and cider] to go with them.”
-Our Friends at Wild Goose Canning

Plain and simple: we like to bring cider with us! They call it beautiful British Columbia for a reason, and we want to get outside and enjoy a cider without worrying about broken bottles in our backpack, on the boat dock, or at the BBQ. Because cans can be squished down, they are easier to pack in and pack out, thus easier to recycle. Psst! Cans also get colder quicker and take up less space in your fridge!

Keepin’ it Fresh!

“Cans are like, mini kegs. They block out all the light, they block out all the oxygen. They’re really shelf stable.”
- Myles Stone, Borderlands Brewing, as quoted on

Craft cider, like craft beer, is very sensitive to light and oxygen. Cider in clear glass spoils quickly if exposed to sunlight and we certainly don’t want that. We even advise against leaving an amber-coloured glass growler exposed to sunlight for too long for the same reasons. Canned beverages block sunlight completely, keeping your cider fresh way after that bottled product goes bad.

Additionally, the crimp in the lid of cans seals more securely than bottle caps. It’s a simple equation, really:
A strong seal = no oxygen = delightfully fresh cider for everyone!

We hope to see you at CANCITY this wekeend!

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