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It was only a matter of time before we turned our hand to making cider

BC Tree Fruits Cider Co.* was created with one thing in mind: to hand craft
a premium hard cider from 100% BC fruit picked from our own orchards and crushed in our
own mill. A cider as traditional as the sixteen-foot ladders we climb at harvest time.

We grow our world-famous fruit in the richest earth on earth

We’ve been growing fruit in the Okanagan Valley for over
three generations. Crafted from the passion of over 430 BC Tree Fruits growers,
we absolutely love the result. We hope you like it too.

How do you like them apples, pears and hops?

Our Master Cider Maker was tasked with taking the perfect blend of BC orchard apples to craft a perfectly delicious cider. Of course, we couldn’t just stop there. Next was adding BC pears and peaches to the mix, followed by infusing apples with hops. We’ve created a cider family that is true craft, and true to the history of our BC Tree Fruits Growers and their orchards.

from orchard
to glass

When we set out to make Broken Ladder, our goal was to make a cider that was true to our roots. Each of our ciders is crisp, clean and pure, with no artificial flavours or added water. And each one is masterfully crafted to bring out the pure taste of our Okanagan fruit.

Authentic and true

The BC Tree Fruits cider team brings years of wine and cider making
experience to the table. Under the guidance of our award-winning Master Cider Maker
we’ve paired timeless tradition with ground-breaking
innovation to craft a truly superior cider made from the best of our orchards.

our cider is in good hands

We take pride in bringing home-grown fruits from our trees to your glass, with nothing
artificial added along the way. It’s a taste you can experience.

The art and craft is in the
blending of the apples

Great cider just like wine
starts at the source

Crisp, honest and worthy of
the apples in our orchard